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Air Source Heat Pumps

Discover the benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

Why Air Source Heat Pumps

With a long lifespan of up to 20 years and very little maintenance, Air Source Heat Pumps are the ideal solution to generate your own heat and save money on your energy bills. They’re more environmentally friendly than conventional heating systems and can be used alongside solar panels to further reduce CO2 emissions.

*An average £1200 per year renewable heating incentive (RHI) are based on a standard 3 bed semi detached house with in the UK, with a current heat demand of around 15000kWh per year

The Benefits

Low Running Costs

An air source heat pump could save you as much as £600 a year on energy bills and, if you are eligible to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive, it could even earn you money. Every 1kW of electricity put into it will emit approx. 3kW of heat.

Low Maintenance

The technology used in ASHPs is similar to that of fridges, so it is tried, tested and reliable. They need minimal maintenance, requiring an annual service by a technician. Despite their low maintenance, ASHPs have a long lifespan of up to 20 years.

Easy Installation

It only takes a few days to install an ASHP and it causes much less disruption when compared to ground source heat pumps, for example. This is because there are no buried underground coils, so they can be easily integrated into existing properties.

Lower CO2 Emissions

Compared to traditional heating systems, the carbon footprint of an air source heat pump is low. This is because it uses a natural renewable energy source; the air. They can also be used with solar panels so your carbon footprint is even lower.

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Using a heat pump has a significant, positive influence on the environment. It may reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%, versus traditional forms of heating. As carbon dioxide emissions are a major contributory factor to climate change, reducing emissions is a key step to maintaining a healthy and stable climate. New buildings that have air to water heat pumps installed are rated as “A” on energy efficiency: the highest level in the sphere of heating your environment and hot water.

Government Backing

Ofgem will now pay all home owners money for 7 years if they switch from their current heating fuel to a renewable heating system. All that you require is a EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), HEIS and a MCS certificate.

You will receive the payments every 3 months for 7 years, these payment are made directly to the owner of the new renewable heating system.


When properly installed, an air source heat pump can produce up to 5 times more heat energy to the home than the electrical energy it consumes.

The basis of heat pump efficiency is known as 'Coefficient of Performance' (or 'COP'). For example, 3 units of environmental energy plus 1 unit of electricity equals 4 units of heating energy, hence a COP rating of up to 4. This is subject to suitable low flow temperatures and house insulation levels.

Yes, heat up from cold is slower than traditional fuels, but long term the system will run more efficiently.

There could be a number of reasons for this, easily resolved by checking the below:

  • Your Air Source Heat Pump might be switch off. Check your Unit
  • Your Room Stat may need turning up to create a heat demand
  • You may need to bleed your radiators. Please see our ‘how to’ guide for help
  • Your radiator Lock shield valve might need turning up. Please see our ‘how to’ guide for help with doing this
If you have tried all the above and your radiator(s) still doesn’t get warm, please contact your Installer.

No. For best results control the AIR Source Heat Pump by temperature, Example – Set your room stat to 18 degrees at any one time until you sit down to lounge when you can turn the temperature to 21+. Bedrooms and rooms you don’t use, turn the radiator thermostat to number 2 or 3.

Yes. If the ASHP is providing hot water, you can fit an Iboost to one of the immersion heaters and in the summer months the Panels will produce enough power to heat the water through the iboost and immersion heater.

Yes. Heat pumps work well with most underfloor heating systems, but also with steel panel radiators, cast iron radiators, fan-assisted radiator. Design is critical, and our experienced technicians will provide the most effective and appropriate installation for your project.

Yes. Our ecodan systems are designed to perform correctly at temperatures as low as -25

Yes, it does not matter how old or young the property is. The system will perform as it should if the system has been bespoke designed to that individual building/property.


Electric Panel
New Gas
Old Gas


Usage per year, KW



Expected seasonal efficiency



Cost per KW, pence



Total cost, £



Working life, years



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